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My Passion for Work Zone Safety

"In every geographic region and every work zone site, there is always room for improvement."

My involvement in the highway safety industry spans 18 years. It sounds like a long time, but it’s flown by quickly. I was excited to enter into a product management role at Avery Dennison for the reflective work zone portfolio because of my unique history in the industry.

This year’s National Work Zone Safety Week slogan, “Drive Like You Work Here,” carries more weight because I have worked there. Through my career I’ve spent time at a desk as a product manager and time on the road as a sales rep. But I’ve also spent a considerable number of days laboring in work zones giving me a personal view of the dangers workers experience when corners are cut and standards aren’t followed. Whether in the field performing training, inspections, maintenance, or installing products, I’ve seen both the best and the worst traffic control practices in play. I remain grateful that I have never had to witness a worker killed in a work zone, but I have seen a worker struck by a vehicle. Fortunately, it was a slow speed impact with no serious injuries.  While still frightening, it still left me asking myself what could have been done better to prevent this?

Work Zone Awareness

One of the things I love about my career is the opportunity to be an advocate for work zone safety globally. Whether it’s through involvement in the American Traffic Safety Services (ATSSA) in the US, or speaking engagements arranged by my friends at the International Road Federation (IRF) around the globe, every chance to talk about the importance of work zone safety is welcomed. In my global role, I see a variety of work zone issues from the perspective of both customers and coworkers around the world.

  • The US, Canada, and many European countries are leading the way with a willingness to try new technologies for improving work zone safety to protect both workers and motorists. Good practices are in place for enforcement of standards from contractual and legal points of view.

  • Pockets of compliance exist in Asia and South America, but our industry still has considerable work ahead to educate on the value of using the right devices in the right manner. As an example, India has invested in the creation of adequate standards, but lacks a culture of awareness and enforcement, to the detriment of roadway users and workers.

National Work Zone Awareness Week is an annual campaign focused on bringing awareness to safety issues as road construction projects resume in many regions here in America. Next time you drive through a work zone, please think of the workers who are trying to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Drive with care so they can get home to their families, too.

In every geographic region and every work zone site, there is always room for improvement. When developing temporary traffic control products, I know my ultimate responsibility is to engineer reflective sheeting that is durable and provides visible warning to changes in the roadway environment. It’s exciting and challenging to participate in a mission to contribute to safer roads around the world.

For more information on Avery Dennison’s work zone reflective sheeting portfolio, please visit our website, or contact your local representative.

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