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New Street Signs Praised by Vicente López Residents

With the help of our prismatic sign sheeting, we have provided a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina with a new street signage system.

Gone are the days of visitors and residents getting lost as they navigate Vicente López, a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina with more than 360,000 residents. “Most anyone trying to go from one end of city in search of a friend’s home or store on the other would constantly get lost, trapped in a maze of unmarked roads”, said Sebastian Laflor, TrafficJet Business Developer, Avery Dennison Argentina. “The old signs were just terrible, faded and often covered with graffiti, offering poor legibility, and virtually no nighttime visibility”, he added.

After prolonged citizen complaints, the municipality’s traffic agency pulled together community and industry resources to address the problem. It would prove to be no easy job, requiring more than 3,500 intersections to be improved. “After reviewing newer standards and industry best practices, the municipality realized that just replacing the signs wouldn’t completely solve their problem”, said Sebastian, “I was able to help them understand they needed not only new signs, but reflective signs for nighttime visibility, and larger signs for legibility”.

Vial Parking S.A., a favored traffic sign converter with a reputation for delivering big projects on time, was selected to fabricate and install the new signs, using Avery Dennison T-2500 prismatic engineer grade sheeting and OL-2003 overlay film. Vial Parking also covered all signs on main roads with a layer of OL-1000 anti-graffiti film. OL-1000 creates an impenetrable barrier, preventing paints and markers from damaging the sign, while allowing it to be cleaned easily. Importantly, the new signs were increased in size to 70cm x 35cm, solving complaints by residents that the old signs were too small to read.

Local residents are happy to point out that the new signs help them easily navigate through neighborhoods, leaving them feeling more secure at night when they are driving or walking. Vicente López’s Municipal Government is also taking to social media to promote the city’s new signage, targeting new visitors to their unique neighborhoods. Here’s a link to their YouTube promotion (Spanish language only) describing their civic pride.  I echo the mayor’s praise that new street name signs do make the neighborhood prettier, allowing everyone to feel proud of the place where they are living.

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