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OmniCube™ Brightens Signs at Changsha City Huanghua Airport

Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions updates outdated roadway signage with the help of our TrafficJetTM Print System with CMSpot6TM digital inks.

Outdated roadway signage on the approach to Changsha City Huanghua Airport was a constant complaint of visitors who were often confused with the lack of guidance. Finding the right connecting roads and proper exits at night was even more challenging given the age of the signs and their poor nighttime performance.

Late January of this year, Avery Dennison contracted with Hunan Shangtang Gudao Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to work on replacement signage. The proposal included the use of our TrafficJetTM Print System with CMSpot6TM digital inks to produce OmniCubeTM wayfinding signs. The sign design included color-coding and improved messaging for easier comprehension, and high-efficiency retroreflective sheeting so that the signs would be significantly more visible and legible at night.

Hunan Shangtang Gudao Science and Technology Co., Ltd was very receptive to the Avery Dennison proposal, explaining their dissatisfaction with with timeliness and product quality of their existing supplier. However, before making a final decision, they put our technical team, led by Sky Yan in our Shanghai office, to the test.

  • Initial print samples were compared against sheeting from their existing supplier, and they judged OmniCube to have superior color appearance both during the day and at night under retroreflected light.

  • Next, they found that our sales and technical team had a superior understanding of sign design and fabrication requirements, and were able to resolve the numerous panel registration issues faced with their previous supplier, enabling the signs to be fabricated more efficiently - improving quality and saving the contractor time and money.

In two short weeks, a total of 64 multi-color signs using white, fluorescent yellow-green T11500 Series OmniCube and white T6500 Series High Intensity Prismatic sheeting, were delivered and installed on and around the airport roadways.

The new signs have drawn praise for their visibility and legibility from the public and airport officials who have been featured on the local television station in Changsha City. The speed of digital sign fabrication also enabled the signs to installed in time for the heavy airport traffic experienced around the Chinese Spring Festival. Airport officials are confident that the new color schemes and improved sign brightness and legibility are key to helping motorists navigate more safely in and around the airport.

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