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Sustainable Traffic Sign Printing with TrafficJet Pro

Traffic Sign Shops Say Good-bye to Screen Printing

Across the globe, consumers are demonstrating their demand for sustainable products -and a preference for dealing with companies that have integrated a culture of sustainability. Sustainability has many facets - but at its core is the safety and quality of life for the planet’s inhabitants, while limiting negative impacts on the environment with a focus on renewable resources. Traffic sign screen printing, with its unavoidable use of high VOC solvent inks, and wastewater streams generated by producing cleaning screens, has long been in our sights for a sustainability makeover.

Avery Dennison began the digital traffic sign revolution in 2014 with our introduction of the TrafficJet Print System. Quickly becoming one of the best-selling printers for specification compliant traffic signs with warranties exceeding industry standards, TrafficJet is in regular use in nearly 500 locations across 50 countries. This printer has been instrumental in the elimination of more than 1.5 million gallons of wastewater worldwide. “Our newest printer, TrafficJet Pro, truly challenges the need for toxic screen printing” says Aaron Means, senior product manager. 

“This affordable printer featuring UV LED instant cure and True Traffic Color spot inks, delivers print speeds comparable to high-volume screen printing, while eliminating the complexity and multiple waste streams associated with screen printing. In addition, the print production process can be housed in an area less than one-third required by screen printing, conserving valuable space and associated costs. 

For government agencies, longer-life TrafficJet Pro signs reduce their replacement cycles and maintenance costs, lessening the impact on the environment. Learn more about the new TrafficJet Pro and how it enables sustainable traffic sign production in this video.


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