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TrafficJet™ Compliments E-Commerce: Dutch sign fabricator finds success in customization

"TrafficSupply serves an online market where customers have a very high expectations for quality and speed of service. Their new TrafficJet printer is reliable and puts them in control of the production process."

The Netherland’s largest online retailer of traffic, text and information signs, with more than 10,000 traffic-related products in their portfolio, has just purchased their first TrafficJet Print System.

TrafficSupply specializes in personalizing traffic signs. Their clients can simply add their own logos to pre-designed parking signs, or request a more complex custom full-graphic design. Many of their clients are formal design and advertising agencies - customers who take a very precise and critical view of color and design. TrafficSupply was challenged to go beyond the traffic industry requirements for reflectivity and durability, and find a solution to a limitless array of custom colors as well. And in their mind it was simple - just find a print system that meets the demands of both the traffic and commercial graphics industries.

As they conducted their search, TrafficSupply found many systems capable of meeting their commercial graphics needs, and a much smaller number meeting the traffic industry needs. Many of the traffic printers were not suitable for their custom color requirements. They found inks that had limited color gamuts and shorter much shorter warranted durability. And just as important as the print platform, compatibility with a full series of retroreflective sheetings was a critical factor in their selection process.


After lengthy research, they found that the Avery Dennison had everything they needed. Approved and warranted reflective sheeting was just the start - with a robust portfolio of engineer grade, omni-directional high intensity and full-cube microprismatic sheeting. The TrafficJet Print System with CMSpot6™ inks had everything they needed for digital printing. Using pre-formulated spot colors meeting traffic color specifications, CMSpot6 combines the durability of traffic spot yellow and spot black with cyan and magenta to achieve custom colors with a 10-year outdoor warranty. Not only does this meet their criteria, but the OL1000 protective overlaminate that is a part of the system enables TrafficSupply to also offer a new value to their customers - signs that can easily be cleaned of graffiti.

TrafficSupply has another trick up their sleeve - their own online design software. Using their SignEditor™ PRO software, customers can design their own traffic sign, text or information board, or modify an existing design. To stay compliant, traffic signs can only be personalized within a fixed framework following valid guidelines for traffic signs. Changes are shown in real time on screen, and the user can select from a variety of reflectivity options. And with the software, users can generate PDF proofs. Further, designs can be sent directly to a print queue and printed on the TrafficJet printer.

SignEditor™ PRO

TrafficSupply serves an online market where customers have a very high expectations for quality and speed of service. Their new TrafficJet printer is reliable and puts them in control of the production process. By combining traffic colors and custom colors in the same print run, they have been able to significantly reduce the time to process orders. Their fast delivery times and high quality are the '’feed” for positive customer reviews on their website. And happily, these positive responses are driving a growth in their sales numbers!

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