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TrafficJet™ Gets Warm Reception in Iceland

TrafficJet™ Gets Warm Reception in a Chilly Climate Iceland Welcomes its First Digital Traffic Sign Printer with CMSpot6™ Inks

It’s impossible to visit Iceland without being overwhelmed by its natural beauty. And if you can’t be impressed by its massive glaciers, lava fields, volcanoes and geysers, try soaking (carefully) in any one of the hundreds of hot springs while observing the northern lights dancing in the sky on a cold winter day.

Iceland is Europe’s most sparsely populated country, with two-thirds of the population living in Reykjavik and the surrounding area. But the island’s unforgettable landscape is attracting an increasing number of visitors, an estimated 40% increase since 2015. Visitors bring an increase in economic activity which puts additional pressure on the island’s limited highway infrastructure. As we know from past experience around the world, increased traffic means the devices used to provide positive guidance to motorists, pavement markings and signing, take on additional importance.

BB Skilti, one of Iceland’s premier traffic sign converters, has felt the pressure to be responsive to the increased demand for helping maintain and improve the quality of the island’s traffic sign inventory. Having seen how digital printing can take sign fabrication from hours to minutes, enabling quicker project turnaround for their customers, they made the decision to invest in the Avery Dennison TrafficJet Print System. “We wanted more than just faster signs”, said Gunnar Skjöldur Baldursson of BB Skilti, “we need to be able to more easily produce a wide variety of cultural signs with multi-color logos”. Gunnar was sold on the system with the availability of the new CMSpot6 ink system since it provided a nearly unlimited palette of custom colors, with a performance warranty matching the duration of standard traffic signs.

Installation of the printer and training of their production staff went off without a hitch. “Everything is working fine and we are very happy with the solution”, said Gunnar. “Our customers are impressed that even cultural signs can be delivered next day now, and we are happy to be able to include beautiful colored logos on the signs.”

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